Jeremy Dudziak, you son of a St. Pauli supporter

The difficult thing about today’s time is that there is barely any “grey” but either black or white.
Football supporters are free game to the public, the media and the police and are available for any kind of testing including to take away their citizen’s rights and even more that can be done without further complaining.

(Translation by @parneq)

And if football supporters are doing something that doesn’t fit into the bourgeois’ mindset, it’s usually called “a new dimension” because everything else would be an understatement and as such boring and hardly available for any kind of click-baiting.

That being said, last week’s more than reasonable discussion event “(M)ein Verein” was again typically presented by the public media by pushing aspects which were rather side topics of an event in which the rest of the discussion was calm, respectful and constructive. (For further information of the event, please refer to the MagischerFC-Blog, however in German only)

A sponsor has ceased its support (probably even a sponsor which didn’t even start his support yet but was planning to later) and some business seats were cancelled.
So what? If a sponsor is really reconsidering his potential engagement after a one-time only incident that is very likely to happen at other clubs on a weekly basis, the sponsor might have been the wrong choice anyway and won’t thus be missed either. Especially, if this decision was made even before the club started to review internally what happened.

So, in total the discussion event did not lead to lurid headlines and that’s why the media was apparently craving for more.
And that’s why the media focussed on a wallpaper that was presented on the St. Pauli supporter stands on Saturday before the match against Kiel started:

JD8: Traurig sieht die Mutti ein – ihr Sohn ist nun ein Rauten$chwein

[something like: “JD8: Sadly the mum realized that her son is now a pig who will be playing for the hsv”]

We hereby send our greetings to Jeremy Dudziak’s mum, who once stated that she feels deep sympathies for the FCSP when her son was signed for the club.

But again: “A new dimension!”

Well, it’s hard to predict in which number of dimension we are located at by now, but I am pretty sure that this will be close to three figures already.

But, to keep this issue in perspective: I wouldn’t have neither drawn nor shown this wallpaper. The wording appears rather awkward to me and I would have preferred to ignore Dudziaks decision to leave the club now, but to remain in silence instead of singing him a “You’ll never walk alone” on his personal farewell at the last match of the season. However, we’ll still be able to also do just that.

But I wouldn’t have presented the hsv supporters items at the derby either.

Both behaviours would not really be mine.

Anyway, this is for sure neither “a new dimension” nor was it a smart move of the player either to finalize the negotiations about the transfer closely before the derby happened when both clubs were still fighting for promotion. So I could have imagined even more harsh statements on wallpapers.

What I would like to say: “United we stand, divided we fall” is still a valid statement and I would like to address these words towards the South Stands and the active fan-scene with a voice coming deeply from my heart. Both the incidents at the derby as well as Saturday’s wallpaper were performed under responsibility by persons who carry the club deeply in their hearts and who I always like to surround myself with.

I don’t have to appreciate everything these people are doing but they certainly do more right things than all these “Wutpaulis” who are already getting het up about again but don’t do anything useful either.
(For sure, there are enough persons who have the right to criticize the wallpaper now. It’s always a matter of how the person is behaving and engaging in other situations. To simply bash about the wallpaper now and not doing anything useful either is much too cheap and way less constructive.)

Furthermore, there is the very frustrating sportive development of the last weeks. If we would have won the derby and also scored in the matches after, we would be on top of the table by now and would probably have acknowledged Dudziak’s decision with just a wink. But what happened instead for sure also adds to the development of such a wallpaper.

I don’t think it’s great to further bash or boo at Dudziak now. As long as he is wearing our team’s shirt, I will support him. And next season, he will be playing at the other second division club of Hamburg. Go ahead, that’s fine.
Have fun, Jeremy. I am sure you’ll need it.

However, what I really wish for for all of us: Let’s be less excited and get less nervous about such things. And another huge wish that will probably never come true is if the media will also get less excited about such things and don’t make a fuss out of everything… // Maik