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Correct. This blog is about a „moderate second division team“ (K.H. Rummenigge), which has never won anything.
Never participated in a European Cup.
Only was in the Bundesliga for a very few years.
Always was (from a sport aspect) number 2 in town.

But nevertheless: The one and only choice.

And so in the last couple of years – probably because of the easier way to connect with each other – there is a huge number of supporters clubs all over the world. A big community (of course) in UK and Ireland, but also more and more branches in the USA, Canada, South America, Asia and nearly all european countries.
A good overview can be found on Twitter with the #FCSPInternational hashtag.

A few weeks ago we were asked to install the „Google Translate“ widget. With just one click you can convert the whole text of a website into all kinds of languages.
Not perfect, sure – but better than nothing for those who can’t understand a single word of German.
When we announced that new feature, Florian and Arne contacted us and offered their support. From now on, they will translate some texts into English. This will come with a short delay, but we are really grateful for that offer, as their translations will be a lot better than Google.

And as WordPress is a very smart tool, this is also quite easy to use. On the right hand side, you can switch the language via the UK flag into English. (Yes, dear Irish and Scottish readers, we know…)
If no English version exists, the German version will still be shown.


At the moment, we have this list of articles that already exist in English:
(If you follow the link and there is still a German version, click on the flag)

Thanks a lot to Florian and Arne, we already noticed that this is a huge time effort that you offered for free. We really appreciate that!
// Philip, Tim, Maik

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