Sonderzug Fuerth

Sonderzug Fuerth

Guys, what am I supposed to say? Reading an article by Tim means reading a professional’s article. No, (unfortunately) I’m not announcing my new job as an analyst at the FCSP. Instead, I’m sitting in the kitchen on Monday 10:10 A.M. starting to pursue my favourite hobby: to combine bizarre word scraps. The kids are in the Kindergarten, the second coffee was even better than the first one and the sun shines through the opened balcony door while a song about love and peace on earth (by the, from my point of view, massively underrated Songwriter George Harrison) plays on my Bluetooth speakers.

All this is happening on a Monday – of course, the professional takes off on the day after the “Sonderzug” (a chartered train). Well, I should admit I only learned how valuable it is when there are no important business events on day one after “Sonderzug”. So, if you’re in doubt, don’t call me professional but old and wise instead, which is also fine for me.

One after another:
First, all passengers of the “Sonderzug” had to notice (Translator’s notice: Tim’s making a reference to a weird German song about a train with no destination.) there is no train at sight. And so, a nevertheless cheerfull crowd of the usual suspiciously dressed people together with a bunch of ItaloPop disciples stood on the platform in Hamburg-Altona waiting 90 minutes for the train. For 90 minutes. Since 6 A.M in the morning (Insert a “I could’ve slept longer” rant and sight loudly) What arrived at the station was a train you could describe as “knocked out” People say it was used on the route Leverkusen-Berlin-Leverkusten on the day before. (Note: There was a Bundesliga match between Leverkusen and Berlin) If you need yet another reason to believe that St. Pauli should promote to the first division after the next season, consider this would mean we won’t need to see the mess some of the Bundesliga team’s fans make in the sanitary facilities.  The train was in a really bad shape even before the departure. Anyhow, no person who made the experience “Sonderzug” will expect cleaned toilets in the train.

Beer, mate tea, something gentle to the stomach, pickles, (vegetarian) sausages, water and a good read – everything you’ll need for the “Sonderzug”!

And so we departed. If you expect more intimate details from the inside of the “Sonderzug”, I have to put you off with the words “Was im Sonderzug passiert, bleibt im Sonderzug” (“What happens in the “Sonderzug” stays in the “Sonderzug”). You have to experience it yourself to imagine it anyways. Nonetheless, a small, personal and non-binding glimpse should be allowed:

I was only able to have a little breakfast before I actually had to take over the DJ console for the “Ostblock” shift in the party wagon. (Translators note: I’ve never been in the “Sonderzug” so I can only assume Tim references the fan club “Ostblock St. Pauli”) The disadvantageof DJ’ing in such an early phase of the trip quickly gave way to the realization that almost all of the songs on the playlist were still ”unplayed”. Therefore, I drew from the full source of songs. And since Ska, “NDW”*and some british Indie sound are a beautiful combination (I hope this isn’t my exclusive opinion) I’ve had three tasty “Überquell”* while putting on music on the DJ desk.  * (Translators note: “Neue Deutsche Welle”, a mix of punk and new wave, apparently. “Überquell” is a craft beer brand from Hamburg which sponsored the MillernTon podcast.)  “Hold on, the listeners of the AFM-Radio won’t be thankful if you pull away the forth and fifth (beer) because it tastes so good right now.” my conscience shouted. Dutifully, I embarked on the way back to my train compartment where I started to memorize a few more names of the Fürth squad in a smokey and spicey atmosphere. And while we were still wondering whether the loan from Leeds united is rather pronounced I-de-GU-chi than i-DE-gu-CHI, the train’s speaker system already announced the soon-to-happen arrival at Fürth central station.

The DJ-console at the very moment when it released the song “Nur geträumt“ from Nena – I am still surprised that they actually allowed me to DJ…
Arrival in Fuerth – Half-time in the Party-wagon

No sooner said than done. I have to admit that I had some doubts after the FCSP reported an offence (and justifiably so) against the police’s operational leadership during the away-match in Bielefeld. Esprit de corps, you know. Furthermore, it wasn’t calming me down either when the “Sonderzug” from Karlsruhe at an away match in Bavaria was intensively inspected the other day. But what calmed me down, at least a little bit, was the “In-case-of-an-emergency-flyer” from the “Braun-Weiße Hilfe” Eventually, it was sursprisingly calm, we weren’t treated like cattle while transitioning from the train into the shuttle bus and taken together I have to honestly admit that one can describe the strategy of the massively present police as “de-escalating”. Such a shame that I have to highlight such a positive behaviour at all, but there have been so many other examples in my life as a football fan already.

The Sportpark Ronhof is one of these stadiums which are located in the middle of a residential area. While I just spotted how some hedges were clipped to the mandatory height of 2m, the next second, a football stadium appeared. Me likey. From then on, my path separated from almost all the other folks of the “Sonderzug”. This is why I can only report what happened in the visitors stands from a spectators perspective only, but let me sum up: A decent atmosphere for a match about the golden pineapple, a blatant catering-situation and as always within matches where a Sonderzug is involved, I was really hoping that everyone will make it back to the train after the game (about which I am not entirely sure).

Let the dog defecate onto the lawn quickly, before heading to the stadium.

However, I was allowed to wipe my sticky Sonderzug-feet on the carpet of the press room in Fürth. Due to the competent help of the local audio-description team, we quickly learned how to pronounce all player names of “Füdd” properly. After a decent meal, which actually delivered what was announced, I was allowed to speak into the AFM-microphone again. From my own perspective: I am eternally grateful to be a member of the FCSP’s audiodescription team/AFM-radio since this’ season. Honestly, since I was a child I wanted to become a football-match reporter. And then, someone appeared and announced that I am a suited candidate to do so. And from now on, I am simply hoping that I can continue doing just that for many more years to come.

One of m,y favourite things to do

A few more things to the return journey: Yes, some people danced on the return journey. Furthermore, the limits of hopping in a wagon was tested. I am entirely sure that everyone who witnessed the time when “Militante Tante” was played is again banging their head while reading these lines. It was a celebration and for sure one of the reasons why I will never voluntarily miss a ride with the “Sonderzug”.

Sorry, but today I cannot write anything about the match while there would be definitely some good things to mention beside the result. But what will remain from a season which somehow feels as if a chance for promotion was wasted? Soberness. Somehow. Soberness, because so many things did not fit in the end. Starting with a huge list of injured players and ending with the insight that a transition from reaction to action isn’t possible within weeks without mistakes. Furthermore, Luhukay wasn’t able to swing his magic wand and simply scream “reparo“ and all of the quarrels, injuries and vanities are cured within seconds. Nevertheless, the Millernton remains a medium crowded with hopeless optimists. Because during the summer’s break, there will be a switch of Biblical scale: With a lot of courages on all levels, the team and the staff will be reinforced and all brake pads will be sorted out, procedures will be questioned and new pathes discovered. And after a a great preparation phase, a technical and tactical superior herd of buffalo will harness a 5-0 away win in Hanover at the beginning of the season (which could have been even higher). And this wil just be the beginning of a rushing chase of records, which will not just secure the town’s championship but also a very last ride in a Sonderzug left full of rubbish by supporters of first division clubs. Because from then on, we will be the one’s who’ll leave a dirty Sonderzug for second division participants.


//Tim (translated by @Flo_1910 & @ Parneq)

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