Nothing beats a… late winner!

Nothing beats a… late winner!

There’s no football played currently. And it will for sure stay like this for an indefinite time. So, we put some thoughts into the question of how we can support you in this difficult phase. And of course, we got quickly pointed to the one thing we enjoy anyway: writing. Thus, we are planning to publish some articles in the weeks ahead to distract you a little bit.
(Cover picture by Stefan Groenveld

Let’s start with a feeling “which isn’t describable” to stick with the sayings in football. Late goals to win are probably one of the biggest adrenaline rushes the football can possibly trigger within the fan’s soul. For sure, some of you will instantly be reminded of a variety of goals in this regard. And there’s a sufficient number of goals which got worldwide fame. There’s, for example, the race to catch up of the FC Barcelona against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League or the goal which secured the championship of ManCity in the year of 2011 (this is an epical moment just as an audio file on its own). And the mother of all late goals is anyway the one of the FC Watford against Leicester City scored in the playoffs (warning: there’s an exposed torso in the video). So, we cherry-picked some late winning goals of the FCSP. If there are any of the important late winning goals missing in this listing, please paste a link into the comment section. We would then maybe include them in our list.

During the current season (2019/2020), the FCSP did score exactly one late winning goal: The 3-1 against SV Wehen-Wiesbaden. So this goal is only mentioned here for the responsibility of a chronicler. Whereas from a much more emotional sort were the late winning goals of the previous season(2018/2019). Because the first appearance of Alex Meier after returning to the Millerntor did end with a goal to score the 3-2 against Union Berlin within added time. Back then, many were still thinking of getting promoted. Also with the floodlights on did Richy Neudecker first slide the ball into the goal to score the 2-1 against Paderborn before he was sliding himself very painfully against the post. However, this did only damp the fun to a little extent as the emotion shortly before the first derby was magnificent from a sportive perspective. And just in the next home match, Sami Allagui and Christopher Buchtmann secured another 3-1 win during added time.

With absolute no emotion, Alex Meier and Daniel Buballa take notice of the 3-2 against Union.
(c) Stefan Groenveld

2017/2018 (FCSP – Heidenheim 1-0)
How much did I swear because of the missed chances of this match? Another corner ball, another chance. Due to our persistent weakness with regards to corner balls, no matter if for or against us, this was however still combined with slight hope. And then, out of sudden, Johannes Flum appeared completely unmarked in the middle of the six-yard box. And even more, the ball ended up straight in front of his feet. What remained was pure ecstasy (I would never allow myself to pull out my cell phone to shoot a video in the middle of the stand, however, it’s definitely a nice one captured here from the same level as the goal line).
By the way, there was another late winning goal scored after a corner ball within the same season (which almost forces us to think we’re not having any issues with corner balls, but this is another topic): Christopher Avevor did score the 3-2 against Holstein Kiel at home in the 89th minute. 

For sure not a beauty but instead a very important one due to our position in the table was the winning goal scored by Christopher Buchtmann as the1-0 against Würzburg. With only six remaining matches, the FCSP was on a relegation position in the table. A win was absolutely necessary. And this was clearly recognizable within the match. But not just on our side, also on the visitor from Würzburg’s side who then had to accept getting relegated later after not winning a single match in the second leg and with only seven points scored (by the way, they had Schoppenhauer and Benatelli in their starting line-up).


It almost felt as if the situation was even worse than two years later against Würzburg (which is at least wrong regarding our situation in the table). On a Friday night, Lasse Sobiech scored the unbelievably important 1-0 against Nuremberg with a header. And it was again a late winning goal after a corner ball which gave us hope and which, despite losing 0-1 later in Darmstadt, secured us to stay in the division. Wow, I still get goosebumps when I think of this goal. Thank you, Lasse!

Under floodlights sometimes in the spring, Fin Bartels scored the late 2-1 against Union Berlin. It’s not one of the first ones within this listing that I remember, however, it’s important to point at the rather clear tendency here.…

You do not remember the 3-2 scored by Avevor against Kiel in 2018? Well, you’re not alone. But maybe you still remember one of the most beautiful tifos ever at the Millerntor which happened on that particular day.

For sure one of the most nerve-wracking final phases happened on another Friday evening within the year 2013 against Jahn Regensburg. While leading 2-1, scorer Daniel Ginzcek was send off the pitch, the FCSP conceded the 2-2 in the 90th minute just to score the 3-2 during the very last seconds of the match. This goal was scored by Florian Bruns. The whole match was an emotional rollercoaster. And speaking of emotions, during my research for this goal, I found a short clip capturing the time of Flo Bruns at the FCSP, which is a must-see not just because of its highly emotional music. Pull out your handkerchiefs, there’s drama incoming!
Just a week earlier, Daniel Ginzcek finished a penalty and thus the 1-0 winning goal against Aalen in the 92nd minute. Well, I cannot actually remember this particular goal as I did not travel to Aalen back then. Yepp, you’re right IN Aalen. We actually managed to score a late winning goal away in the added time. It was the only one that I could find while researching the matches for the last ten years.

Under floodlights sometimes in the spring, Fin Bartels scored the late 2-1 against Union Berlin. No, you haven’t moved back up the line. The great Fin did score a late winning goal twice against Union Berlin during the added time (in total, Union did lose three times at the Millerntor with goals scores in added time.) And with this one, he even kept up the hopes for promotion which were then smashed at the next away match at the Friday evening kickin’ Greuther Fürth. However, this match is remembered by many for different reasons: In the 80th minute, Marius Ebbers scored a goal, partly with his head, but also with his hand and thus he admitted to the referee (who did not see it) later that he scored with the help of his hand. “That’s the way it’s supposed to” might be the thought of the many, however, the pressure, which the FCSP was facing though while still being able to get promoted at matchday 30, was immense. Thus, his words were quite honest with regard to this situation. And of course, I just clicked on the next video suggestion for you. So, there is also a clip of Marius Ebbers “goals” which is, however, a bit funkier compared to the tearjerker of Bruns.
My absolute favourite of late winning goals is the 2-1 against Duisburg of the same season. After that, we waved to the rest of the division from the top of the table. You have three guesses who scored the goal… Fin, what a machine! Also epical is this clip of the second goal (“Finish it nooooooowwwww!“). However, I myself, was quite pissed off when I was in the stadium back then. Because Andre Schubert did really substitute Fabio Morena for Florian Bruns. A defender for an attacking midfielder in a match played against an opponent with one man down. That was too much for me. Holy cow, how I was furious. But somehow this was also the initial moment for my interest in tactics (as Schubert did many tactical changes anyway within this season). Because after the match, he stated that he substituted Morena to get more safety into playing passes while building up. Absolutely logical. However, too much for my brain back then.

Of course, another match under floodlights. And the start into a really great season (which we might concentrate on in another article). The 2-1 against Ahlen was scored by Nils Pichinot . As this wasn’t just his only goal but also his only match in the second division, up to the day, Pichinot still has a goal average of 13 minutes per goal in the second division. An average, even Erling Haaland would dream of. However, I still have absolutely no clue, how this could happen. Because one year earlier, I was able to steal the ball from him during our common sports exercises in school more than once. Of course, I was not good enough to pursue a career as a professional footballer. However, Pichinot did already score 11 goals in 20 matches that he played for Nordhausen in the regional division of the North East this year…


One year earlier, Marcel Eger had to pay a high price for his 3-2 against Koblenz (that’s what he told me at least). Because he did not just earn a yellow card for climbing on the fence after scoring, he also fractured his finger which made him cancel his planned skiing holidays. Marcel, it was worth it! 

And for sure, this listing also has to include the 26.05.2000. A date, certainly frequently mentioned in the media.

With a lot of proud, I also remember the 07.11.1997, on which I was able to witness the mother of all late wins as a ten-year-old tiny tot on the steps of the  Gegengerade when Yuri Savichev in the 92nd and Andre Trulsen in der 94th minute changed the result against Jena into the opposite. And this was completely deserved. Seldom, I saw more one-sided football than then. This was however more than 20 years ago but will certainly still loom up till today in the minds of all those who went to the stadium on that day.
(Note from the old man Maik: I was already 21 when this happened and from a historical perspective this match is also important for another reason: It was the first match with the Singing area on the Gegengerade. And for sure up till today, everyone is convinced that this is the real reason why the match could be turned upside down :)) 

And with these fond memories, I will spend the rest of the week in my HomeOffice which I currently share with two children who are actually supposed to go to the kindergarten… 

// Tim (Translated by @Parneq)


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  1. Nicht episch, aber das eingewechselte Freistoßtor von Sebstian Maier gegen Dynamo Dresden (2013) fand ich auch ganz nett.

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