No funny “Pauli”-faces at the Millerntor

No funny “Pauli”-faces at the Millerntor

Due to its actuality and because it’s rather a timeless issue, we publish the following section from today’s Lage-post (in German language only) as an individual article.

+++ Update 17th June, 14.00h CET***
The club has announced an information on how this happened, thanks for the clear statement.

+++ Update 16th June, 13.30h CET +++
The partner website is not available anymore.

An advertisement partner of the club, an insurance company (to which we don’t link on purpose!), did ask yesterday to send in some pictures of supporters dressed in fan-merch (“St.Pauli-Look”) which will then be displayed on the LED ad boards during the next home fixture against Regensburg.




We are certainly not known as being the spearheads of the swearing blogs, instead we’re always aiming to judge to our best knowledge and to take both sides into consideration and maybe even to acknowledge factual constraints which are sometimes not really appreciated when you’re just a fan in emotional exuberant mood only.
And in cooperation with the much appreciated colleagues from the  MagischeFC-Blog it delivers a balanced picture from the fan’s perspective where everyone can pick their favourite view. While we are sometimes more understanding, the MagischeFC may sometimes be a tiny little bit more emotional and from the attack department.
It’s a good match though, we think. 


We now leave the relaxed spectator spot and our usually assigned role.
Dude, err, it just cannot be true?
How are such things happening (over and over again)?
The Fansofa was already a crappy idea which was also crappy communicated by the advertising partner and which, however, wasn’t noticed as crappy as expected inside the stadium.
The free distribution of cigarillos did somehow “pass” but rumour has it the contract with the sponsor will not be renewed.
The upgrading of the Rabauken in the age group should of course not take away any target group from the fan shop…
(And we also do not revive the “funny” sms on the adboards from some years ago as well as the sexist car seller ad on the adboard and the posters from another sexist car rental company.)

[…] despite matches behind closed doors quasi live inside the stadium […] 

But after all these weeks of corona-circumstances in which the cautious presentation inside the stadium was acknowledged benevolently, in which a “Football is alive through their fans”-poster was the only reasonable statement inside the stadium, in which the supervisor’s board did always give similar statements and in which we did not end up putting fucking pictures or cardboard-figures in the stands to lead the tv-spectator to believe in the “Millerntor-Feeling”, shortly before the season comes to an end, such action hits the market with which everything that was cautiously built up over several months is torn down with the own butt?
And I did not even mention that the advertising partner ends their statement using “Pauli” in their wording (lacking the St.!)…


Of course, mistakes happen, we’re all just humans etc. But after all the points just mentioned, after the “(M)ein Verein”-panel debate in this highly sensitive time in which every single action for/from/with fans in the stadium lies under a burning glass, how can there be just one single employee in this club who gets this bullshit pitched by an advertising partner and who thinks: „Yes, actually that’s a brilliant idea. Let’s do it!“
How did they not get what this club is all about? How blind are they against everything that is going on in this fan-scene? Are they taking notice of what’s going on outside of their desk or are they doing a boring normal office-job only and they could also sell stadium-watches to the neighbours instead?
And how are new advertisement partners actually introduced? Once, there was a sort of spelling book for people on business-seats, which told them that it’s rather uncool to still queue for butties when the starting whistle comes and similar things. Also, the “Sankt“ was declared as holy in there. 
And generally: If a company is playing the “We are so different and thus we’re a great match”-card, they totally make a fool of themselves and drop their credibility from 1910 to zero in no time. So I will never contract insurance from that company. Right, I wouldn’t have done that in the first place but now I can also tell you why, you heroes [which, in German, is a slight hint to the name of the company…]

At least: My subtle irritation on twitter was quickly replied by Martin Drust, Head of Marketing and Sales, yesterday evening:

Translation of the tweet(s):

Maik: I am always trying to understand and consider every perspective and in general, mistakes happen… but… nope. 
I will write more after a good night sleep in tomorrow’s Lage-post, I have to cope with that for now.

Martin D.: That’s crap and it wasn’t authorised and agreed. Will be clarified first thing tomorrow morning and sanctioned accordingly.


Let’s hope that the advertisement partner will get it and that no “Pauli”-faces on the ad boards will pretend that there’s a funny Pauli-Paarty going on in the stands.
And after all the recent incidents mentioned above, it might be time to introduce the core-values of our club to every single new employee of a growing department to assure that such a thing won’t happen again and won’t happen uncoordinated and unapproved. 

// Maik (Translated by Arne)

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