Who is Daniel-Kofi Kyereh? – A player’s profile

Who is Daniel-Kofi Kyereh? – A player’s profile

The FC St. Pauli announced the signing of Daniel-Kofi Kyereh . Kyereh signed a contract until 2023 and is thus transferred to the Millerntor without additional transfer fees from the relegated SV Wehen Wiesbaden. During the previous season, the offensive player attracted the attention with six goals and seven assists. Due to his expiring contract in Wiesbaden, he wasn’t on the list of the FCSP only. After playing for Wolfsburg (youth), the TSV Havelse (three years in the regional division) and two more seasons at SV Wehen Wiesbaden (18/19 in the third division (15 goals!) and last season he scored in the second division), he will now play for the FCSP.
Welcome at the Millerntor, Daniel-Kofi Kyereh! 

Many of us might have heard his name before and probably did also watch a few scenes of Kyereh no matter whether in direct duels of the past season or in the rather too short match summaries at the providers of your choice. We thus thought that we’ll now shed a more detailed glimpse at all new players whenever their signing is announced, provided we’ll find the time to do so. And we noticed that Kyereh (amongst other skills) is capable to do somersaults as you can see in the video:

But that’s of course not enough. To better ascertain what kind of player the FCSP was able to sign, I was allowed to ask Gunnar of the stehblog a few questions which provide more detailed information about Daniel-Kofi Kyereh than somersaults after scoring goals and the number of his goals and assists only.

Moin Gunnar, Daniel-Kofi Kyereh has transferred from the SV Wehen Wiesbaden to the FCSP. Is this a good fit from your perspective?
Yes, I do think so. I am actually not completely informed about the squad planning at the FCSP, but in general, Kofi should be an improvement for most of the teams of the second division. Maybe, he’ll also enjoy Hamburg as he was raised close by in Lower Saxonia.

What kind of player is Daniel-Kofi Kyereh on the pitch?
The description of your coach and your sportive director are actually hitting the nail (https://www.fcstpauli.com/news/der-fc-st-pauli-verpflichtet-daniel-kofi-kyereh/) quite well. He’s a good athlete, both quick and also a good runner, additionally, he has a great technique and a good sense to score. Particularly remarkable is that he’s also capable to handle difficult passes most of the time and that he keeps the ball at his feet. Sometimes I got the impression that his teammates at the SVWW were passing the ball at him at semi-height on purpose, only to check if he could make use of such balls as well but to be honest this was rather the lack of quality of his teammates.


As Schäffler was a set player of your team during the last season, Kyereh actually played at every offensive position at the SVWW. Which position is the best fit for him?
During the penultimate season in the third division, we did play with two strikers and he was set as the striker next to Schäffler and both acted as the most dangerous striking duo of the division. In the second division, he became a victim of the system change after a horrible start into the season when Schäffler then played as the only striker with Dittgen and Aigner on the flanks. Later, Kofi played in the centre as an attacking midfielder behind or next to Schäffler respectively. In the striking section, he’s able to play on every position as he has the speed to play on the flanks as well as the power to finish to play in the centre.

With six goals and seven assists, Kyereh was next to Manuel Schäffler the Topscorer of the SVWW during the last season. As he might be supposed to join Henk Veerman in the attacking department, how well did he interact with the striker Schäffler?
Pretty well and as already stated, in the penultimate season in the third division, these two guys were a dream-duo. These two guys were for sure not the reason that the SVWW got relegated. Whether Veerman can benefit from Kofi is something I cannot really predict because I do not know Veerman well enough but as you can see from the number of the assists of Kofi you can clearly see that he is not a selfish player but also searching for his co-striking teammates.

17/18 in the regional division, 18/19 in the third division, 19/20 in the second division – do you think Kyereh could even play in a higher division or is the second division the maximum?
It’s only happening seldom that I could imagine a player of Wehen playing in the first division (as it’s actually not happening very often) but I could see Kofi doing it. It was clear to everyone that we could not keep him after getting relegated as he belongs to the second division at least and with 24 years of age, he has for sure some more potential.

And which of his skills on (and next to) the pitch would you describe as being improvable?
I cannot really add much to the topic of “next to the pitch” but he seems to be a rather calm guy. I think he rather let his actions speak for him, also see https://www.instagram.com/p/CBGh6phj-W8/. Whereas on the pitch, I do not see any huge flaw. Probably at playing headers, as I cannot recall any specific header scenes spontaneously but maybe I am misled by my own memories.

Next to goals and assists the statistics also inform about some yellow cards and two red cards during his time at the SVWW. Does Kyereh have a disciplinary issue?
I wouldn’t say that. The red card in the first leg of the season against Stuttgart was rather unlucky when he stepped rather over-motivated but too late on his opponent’s ankle. The yellow cards were sometimes due to the way the SVWW had to play in the second division as they had to play always on full throttle to elicit chances, whereas, in my opinion, five yellow cards during one entire season are absolutely okay for me.


The FCSP gets an offensive player – but what about the defensive skills (e.g. during pressing) of Kyereh?
With his running skills, he was, of course, an important player for our pressing whereas he sometimes was behind his teammates Schäffler and Aigner when it came to the category of ball gains but this is entirely based on my own impression as I do not have any statistics at hand at the moment.
But due to his position on the pitch, he does not have to care for the typical defensive work. If you’re keen to see him savaging and fouling at the Millerntor you will probably not do him or his team any favour. However, you can look forward to an awesome player and I will check carefully how he and the FCSP are doing.

Thanks, Gunnar!

Let’s sum up:
Daniel-Kofi Kyereh is a player of the category “There’s a fair chance that it will work brilliantly“ – strong at scoring goals and giving assists, quick, and technically focused. Thus, it appears as if the FCSP did sign exactly the type of player that was lacking during the last season (a scoring and fast central offensive player). I think we can look forward that Kyereh found his way to the Millerntor!

And if you’re keen to know how to pronounce his name correctly, search no further:

// Tim (Translated by Arne)

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16 thoughts on “Who is Daniel-Kofi Kyereh? – A player’s profile

  1. Danke für die schnelle einschätzung Tim! Bleibt nur jetzt nur zu hoffen das er sich gut einfügt und Schulle weiß wie er ihn am besten einsetzten kann, auch wünsche ich mir den Salto oft und im Stadion anschauen zu können^^
    Finde diese Beitragskategorie macht Sinn, hoffentlich kommen noch ein paar weitere dazu (sowohl Spieler als auch die Beiträge zu diesen) 😉

    1. Danke für die Rückmeldung.
      Ja, ich hoffe auch, dass da noch weitere solcher Artikel kommen. denn das bedeutet schließlich, dass wir den Kader noch weiter füllen UND das ich die Zeit habe, dazu was zu schreiben 😉

  2. Hallo Tim,
    gut zusammengefasst von dir und Gunnar. Ich hoffe für euch und Kofi, dass er einschlägt und ihr viel Freude an ihm habt! Auch wenn ich es schade finde, dass er wechselt (war klar nach dem Abstieg), gönne ich ihm das Beste. Vor allem auch, weil er sich den richtigen Verein ausgesucht hat. Ich werde jedenfalls verfolgen, wie er sich bei euch schlägt.
    Grüße aus Wiesbaden!

    1. Moin Frank,
      Grüße zurück aus’m Norden und danke für die warmen Worte (war ja hauptsächlich Gunnar, der hier Interessantes geliefert hat)

  3. Die Ankündigung dieser Rubrik macht Lust auf Mehr! Super.
    Besonders da ich keinen der sensationellen Übertragungsanbieter nutze, habe ich von anderen Spielern lediglich den Eindruck, den diese Spieler in den Spielen gegen unseren Magischen FC hinterließen. Mir würde so ein off-road Einblick sehr helfen. Jetzt freue ich mich jedenfalls über die Entscheidung, Kofi zu verpflichten. Wie spricht man eigentlich seinen Namen korrekt aus?

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