Who is Lukas Daschner? – A player profile

Who is Lukas Daschner? – A player profile

FC St. Pauli signed offensive player Lukas Daschner from MSV Duisburg. Daschner signs a contract until the end of the 2023 season. In order to get Daschner out of his contract with MSV, which ran until the end of the 20/21 season, the FCSP paid a transfer fee, but it was agreed not to disclose this.
(Cover picture by Peter Boehmer)

Lukas Daschner is not much less than the epitome of a local player in Duisburg. There he was born in autumn 1998 and after a short interlude at Schalke 04 in his youth (2010-2013), he went through all the youth teams of MSV Duisburg. And in 2016, at the age of just 17, he made his debut in the first team of MSV Duisburg. In the last season Daschner was a regular in Duisburg, scored eleven goals and put on five more goals in the 3rd division. It was not enough for the promotion due to a series of six games without a victory at the end of the season.
Lukas Daschner has already got to know the 2nd division: In the 17/18 season he mostly only tasted air on the pitch for a short time (eight appearances with a total of almost 70 minutes playing time), but 18/19 it was already more than 200 minutes (seven appearances) and even two goals. That’s a lot of professional air for a 21-year-old who, apart from his time at Schalke, is now leaving his hometown for the first time.
You can take a look at his skills in this video upfront (maybe you will leave the sound off…):

To get to know Lukas Daschner a little bit better, I was allowed to ask Jan a few questions about him. Jan is in a double marriage: His heart is on the FCSP, but since he was born and raised in Duisburg (and is now living there again) the MSV also has its place there.

Moin Jan, Lukas Daschner is transferred to the FC St. Pauli. Is this a good fit from your point of view?
Definitely. Lukas Daschner is an incredibly talented and versatile offensive player who has great ball handling and can also cause danger at the very front. 12 goals (and 6 assists) at the age of 21 in the 3rd division and the DFB-Pokal is a benchmark for an attacking midfielder.

What kind of player is Lukas Daschner?
A strong whirlwind with a lot of dribbling skills and a tendency to try dribbles that seem hopeless – and in the end he occasionally scores a goal or puts one up. The MSV fans are turning completely free in the internet in view of his departure. Duisburg’s MMD.


Which strengths does he have on the pitch?
He almost always asserts himself in tight situations and with his fine handling of the ball he’s able reach areas that are closed to many other players. Additionally, he’s known for his strong short passing game.

And in which areas does he still have room for improvement?
Defensive work and crossing. Defensively, he lacks tenacity in duels and when he storms over the outer lane, he usually pulls in the middle – and if he crosses… well.

Last season he not only played in the centre, but also on the flanks. In your opinion, which position is the best fit for him?
The centre. He likes tight spaces and creates added value for his team, especially from tight situations. It doesn’t really matter whether he plays on the 8, 10 or in the front. With him you can combine well through narrow spaces.

FCSP-coach Timo Schultz wants, above all, to have more and more speed. Does Lukas Daschner fit in there?
He’s got the quality, yes. In the past season, however, the MSV often sought success through possession and combination football rather than speed. He will have to adapt, but the potential is there.

You are losing a real homegrown. Do you think the step out of Duisburg is right for him?
If you want to become someone in professional football, that’s the only option you have as someone from Duisburg. MSV is becoming more and more of a grey mouse and honestly, I see a general negative trend in the MSV.
It is definitely the best for him if he moves to a second division team with a top youth coach. And the MSV can also use every euro. After all, there were now six figures from UEFA for the two Europa League games.


The MSV Duisburg just missed promotion last season. What’s next at MSV, what’s possible next season (also financially)?
Less than last season. But even there we almost turned a bunch of fourth division newcomers into gold. It’s hard to tell. With Torsten Lieberknecht you have, in my opinion and your data, a great coach.
However, as with almost all clubs, the budget must be reduced.

Thanks you very much for your assessment, Jan!

With the signings of Lukas Daschner, Daniel-Kofi Kyereh and Maximilian Dittgen, the FCSP has initiated quite a change in the offensive area. As is well known, this was also necessary, simply because of the departures. And with this signing, too, it becomes clear what has top priority in the new coaching team when selecting players: speed and goal threat. And that’s right, because the pace of football is currently outweighing everything else and the danger of scoring goals at FCSP has not come from the midfield for years. It will be interesting to see where Lukas Daschner will place himself, whether he is immediately a serious alternative or even a starting XI candidate. Based on the information from Jan and knowing that the gap between the 2nd and 3rd league is not that immense, we can hope for an immediate reinforcement with high development potential at Lukas Daschner.

// Tim (Translated by Flo)

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9 thoughts on “Who is Lukas Daschner? – A player profile

  1. Moin zusammen, ein lachendes ( Pauli und nicht HSV ) und ein weinendes Auge ( Daschi geht ), aber auch ein wenig Stolz. Ein toller Spieler der uns Zuschauer oft begeistert hat. Wünsche euch und Daschi eine Geile Saison und viele Tore vom Zebra. Einmal MSV, immer MSV. Drücke euch beide Daumen und hoffentlich ein Widersehen in Liga 2. LG an die Waterkant.

  2. Wer ist Lukas Daschner?
    Lukas ist ein Hamborner Junge, der bei Hamborn 07 mit dem Kicken begann. Und wir Hamborner “Löwen” freuen uns, dass er in St. Pauli eine neue sportliche Heimat gefunden hat und wünschen ihm viel Erfolg.
    Für euch zur Erinnerung: St. Pauli gegen Hamborn 07 war das erste Fußballspiel das im deutschen Fernsehen übertragen wurde (1952).
    Schönen Gruß aus Hamborn. Einmal Löwe immer Löwe.

    1. Moin Friedhelm,
      Die “erstes Live-Spiel im TV”-Story ist uns natürlich wohl bekannt, vielen Dank für die Grüße und alles Gute für Euch und die neue Landesliga-Saison.

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