Hamburger SV – FC St. Pauli 2:1 (0:1) – Short report

Hamburger SV – FC St. Pauli 2:1 (0:1) – Short report

FC St. Pauli loses 1:2 in the derby. The FC St. Pauli team was disjointed throughout the entire match and could only rarely bring its own game through because HSV managed to disrupt it decisively again and again. With the defeat, the city neighbours now move to within three points, but FC St. Pauli remains top of the table and at least in second place for the time being.
Cover picture: Peter Böhmer

(As with the Aue game, here is the short form, with Tim’s detailed analysis to follow over the course of the weekend)

Of course, there are games where you are more nervous than usual. Derbies are one of them, of course. But with a six-point lead and being top of the table, you are generally more relaxed than when you are in a relegation spot shortly before the end of the season. And if you’re still three points ahead after the game, it’s still easier to bear, despite all the anger, than if we were now in 17th place.

Before the match / The line-ups

The 2,000 fans in the stadium were spread out on both straights, with the lower rows of the west stand being used for advertising banners, which was fantastic.
The 200 guest fans were accommodated in the curve, next to the actual guest block, again supported by advertising tarpaulins. All in all, HSV played the normal stadium programme, even Dino Hermann was allowed to make his “cheered” rounds.

The hosts started with almost the same line-up as in the cup win in Cologne, only Bakery Jatta replaced Manuel Wintzheimer.
For FCSP, Daniel-Kofi-Kyereh was not yet back in the squad after his return from the Africa Cup. Apart from the goalkeeper swap from Smarsch back to Vasilj, the same eleven started as in the cup match against Borussia Dortmund.


The first half

The opening phase clearly belonged to the neighbours: After a misunderstanding in the brown and white central defence, Alidou had a great chance to take the lead in the 3rd minute, but positioned completely free, he shot from ten metres over the goal. Two minutes later, it was Moritz Heyer who could not get Jatta’s extension past Vasilj for a corner at the far post. Two minutes later, the ball was in the net for the first time, but Jatta was clearly offside. And another three minutes later it was a long-range shot from Muheim that brought danger. All in the first ten minutes, in which FCSP hardly came out of their own half, also due to repeated lack of concentration in passing.

With the first corner for FCSP (13th minute), the game calmed down a bit, St. Pauli now got a bit more access and had the first shot with Guido Burgstaller after a quarter of an hour. Again after a corner, the next chance belonged to HSV, but Jatta’s header just missed the far post.

The 30th minute brought the lead for brown and white: A free-kick from the right edge of the penalty area sailed to the far post, where Amenyido returned the ball and Guido Burgstaller, in best Asamoah style, nodded in from close range. Two minutes later, Ohlsson was brought down in a running duel with Alidou in the penalty area, but Stegemann did not blow his whistle and the contact was probably not clear enough for the VAR.

The big chance to equalise came just before half-time after Stegemann first missed a foul on Paqarada and then his assistant missed an offside by Glatzel. Vasilj was able to parry the resulting corner, however, and the VAR would probably have conceded another goal by Jatta for offside if Vasilj had not been on hand again.

Thus, FCSP went into the dressing room with a 1:0 lead. HSV had tried several times with high balls, but Medić in particular was able to clear them regularly. Otherwise, most of the danger came from set pieces, but this did not lead to success for HSV.


The second half

While HSV came out of the dressing room unchanged, Timo Schultz substituted Maximilian Dittgen for Etienne Amenyido. Amenyido had already seen yellow and had collided once with his head with an opponent.

In addition to a few half-chances on both sides, HSV had their first major chance in the 57th minute when Glatzel shot from close range and Ohlsson saved a corner in the nick of time. This then led to the equaliser, Lawrence under-running the corner at the short post, one metre behind him Schonlau nodded in with ease. The third corner goal of the season, the first in Medić’s presence.
1:1, still a good half hour to play.

The equalizer by Schonlau, who jumped on a corner kick right into the space between Medić and Lawrence.
(Stuart Franklin/Getty Images/via OneFootball)

Just as I was about to make a note of the fact that HSV coach Tim Walter really does have an intimate discussion with the assistant in front of him and the fourth official throughout the entire match, it became too much for the latter and he got Sascha Stegemann to give Walter a yellow card.

In the 70th minute, HSV took the lead: Burgstaller was unable to control a failed clearing attempt by Heuer Fernandes and Kittel sent the rebound to Jatta, who volleyed into the far corner from a half-right position in the box. Nikola Vasilj tried to run out, but then stopped a bit far away from the goal and may not have been in the best position to score.

It took until the 81st minute for St. Pauli to shake off the shock and release Burgstaller via substitute Daschner and Hartel, who finished from a half-left position. Heuer Fernandes did well to save FC St. Pauli’s biggest chance in the second half. It was Daschner who had the next chance after a rebound just one minute later, shooting from 15 metres and hitting Schonlau, who was rushing towards him, on the head, who then had to be treated. In the 95th minute, Dittgen had another great chance to equalise, but his shot was not hard and/or well-placed enough for Heuer Fernandes to hold on to the victory.



That was too little. Throughout the game, FCSP tended to run behind and let HSV take control, which they were able to convert into goals time and again. Kittel and Reis drove the Reds on again and again, and Jatta and Alidou were on fire from the outside. It was certainly bitter that the equaliser came from a corner, but it had already been expected because of the great chances from corners in the first half.
HSV is fighting its way back to the promotion places, the last defeat dates back to the beginning of December when they lost 0:1 in Hannover on matchday 16.

FC St. Pauli’s last victory dates back to the same matchday when they won the acclaimed three points against Schalke 04. Since then, there have only been two points in four games.
Now we have a match-free period and (regardless of the Darmstadt result) we are still at least in second place.
Recharge the batteries, let’s go.

A word about the atmosphere: The long deficit for the home team may have contributed to it, but it was far from the “little magic” that had happened on Tuesday at the cup match at Millerntor, despite only 2,000 spectators. The small but fine guest block did its best, but overall the whole event had more the atmosphere of a multi-storey car park.
Let’s hope that this pandemic will be far behind us by the time of the next derby. Not that defeats in the derby would suddenly be fun – they’re not. But a little more emotional involvement, a little more anticipation, a little more fireworks – that would be nice.

Forza St. Pauli!
// Maik (translation by Arne)

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4 thoughts on “Hamburger SV – FC St. Pauli 2:1 (0:1) – Short report

  1. Moinsen Maik,
    wieder absolut super Deine Zusammenfassung, „das war zu wenig“, oder für mich, es ging da nicht mehr für Uns. Gratulation an den doch „etwas“ besseren Gastgeber, für Uns wäre ein weiterer Punkt („noch keine 42“) in dieser Betonschüssel mit „Parkhaus Atmosphäre“ doch eher glücklich gewesen, oder?! Und wäre das nun schon BuLi oder überhaupt „Aufstiegs“ tauglich, bin da auch auf Tims Analyse hier gespannt. Mir reicht daher aktuell weiterhin perspektivisch Platz IV voll und ganz am Ende der Saison, Sorry und Padon. Mein Traum ist endlich mal ne volle braunweiße bärliner Betonschüssel zu erleben zu dürfen, das wärs.
    Und trotz der Niederlage, der einzig wahre Stadtmeister seit MMXI sind(und bleiben) Wir!!!
    Forza Sankt Pauli

    1. Moin Micky,
      Nach dem bisherigen Verlauf der Saison will ich nicht Platz 4, ich will da jetzt hoch und eine Saison nicht in den Volkspark müssen.
      Sollte es am Ende doch Platz 4 werden, dann ist das so und ich werde trotzdem nicht alles schlechtreden – aber noch stehen wir (mindestens) auf Platz 2, also gar kein Grund die Flint auf Platz 4 zu richten.
      Und das zu 50% Braun-Weiß Oly nehm ich auch gerne 🙂

  2. Moin,

    Danke für die Zusammenfassung. Mittlerweile ist die Enttäuschung auch überstanden. Aber ich frage mich schon, ob wir tatsächlich immer nur eine gute Hin- oder eine gute Rückrunde spielen können ? Und warum uns Gegner einfach so überrollen können und wir dann keine Ideen entwickeln, dies zu unterbinden? Mal sehen, wie es nach der Pause weitergeht. Schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüße

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