Millernton – Who is this actually?

We are the MillernTon. We’re podcasting and blogging about everything of our concern about the FCSP and this by guess and by gosh. The MillernTon consists of three departments:

  • The Monthly Show: In this podcast, we invite individuals or groups somehow related to the FCSP and put them at the acid test within 90 minutes (roughly) and almost regularly every month.
  • VdS/NdS-Talks: While the monthly show is only occasionally dealing with the daily business of the club, the pre- and post-match talks aim to talk to supporters of the respective opponents.
  • MillernTon-Blog: In the blog, different editors report about football and other aspects of interest. Their points of view are of course of brilliant subjectivity. Additionally, many blog posts are also translated into the English language.

If you ever wondered, who is actually speaking into your ears or who drafted the texts you are reading, just keep on reading:

  • Arne (Blog translations) born in Hamburg, started to support the FC St. Pauli since the early 90’s (seasonal ticket 1992/93!); whenever he is at the Millerntor, the Gegengerade is his preferred stand of choice. However, his way of life forces him to show his club appreciation remotely. After living in Australia and Austria, he’s currently residing in Liverpool from where he is translating the blog posts into the English language. His favourite player is Flo Carstens, as this lad used to play for the same club in his youth, in which Arne also used to play handball, table tennis and badminton. However, this all happened long before Flo Carstens was born…
  • Bobby (VdS/NdS) His heart is beating in brown-white ever since he was born even though his mother holds a season ticket for a club next to the waste incineration plant for twenty years. Since 1999, his home in the stadium is Pen E of the Gegengerade. He never ever drank a beer when inside the stadium, and with his pessimism, he rather belongs to the swearing corner. Next to the VdS/NdS-talks, you can also listen to his voice in the AFM-radio. His favourite result is 0-0-draw.
  • Casche (VdS/NdS) The native Ostwestfalian already knew Michael when he was still called Goldlöckchen. Back then, he was standing in the swearing corner, but whenever he makes it to the Millerntor nowadays, he prefers the South Stands. When he used to live in Hamburg, he also wrote a somewhat acceptable blog, today he lives in Wiesbaden. Next to his left hoof, his volume was his unique selling point when he played for the 5th team of the FCSP.
  • Debbie (Monthly Show) Debbie’s life is dominated by the FC St. Pauli. In 1996, she fell in love with the club of the quarter, from which she origins. Since 2002, she’s hardly missing any matches. Debbie loves to support the club from the South Stand. She also used to play football herself, of course for St. Pauli and with the number 14, which is now occupied by Mats Møller Dæhli. These days, you can meet her behind the bar or the DJ’s console of the Jolly Roger. And additionally, Debbie also has scored grounds in 19 different countries. Imitate that for once.
  • Flippa (Blog)  was able to successfully resist several missionary attempts of his HSV-granddad before he was magically attracted by punk rock and an underdog existence. He’s consistently aiming for positive support from the Gegengerade and already blogged for the Nice Guys Sankt Pauli and wrote articles for the ÜBERSTEIGER. He’s an expert for the sections of “Funny Drinking Stories “ as well as “Bad Puns Newly Told“.
  • Flo (Blog translations) is studying something related to computers and works for a software development company in Hamburg. When he heard about the automated translations feature of the MillernTon blog, he thought “you are better in doing that” and has started to translate swear words since. After his first visit at the Millerntor (a 3:0 against the second team of Hertha BSC Berlin), he got the advice “Do not get used to it, it’s usually not like that!“. After two promotions and one relegation, he was able to secure himself a season package for the Gegengerade and is hardly missing a home match since.
  • Johnny (Monthly Show) He is the beer-drinking fashion conscience of the monthly show. Standing in the Gegengerade. He thought for a long time that football is boring (and is still thinking the same every now and then). His brother once took him to the Millerntor for the first time. While he cannot remember against whom, he still remembers every single chant. For him, the “other stuff” is as important as what is happening on the pitch. And he has more knowledge about music than Tim. // Maybe, that’s a lie. Professionally, Johnny is busy with technics, innovations and ideas. In his leisure time, he is passionate about homebrewing and 3D-printing.
  • Justus (Monthly Show) is visiting matches of the FC St Pauli since 1991, the lost match against the Stuttgarter Kickers during the relegation playoffs was the beginning of his St. Pauli-fan-existence. After years of living in exile, he moved to Hamburg in 2008 and started to work for the Fanladen St Pauli. He is a member of the MillernTon from the very beginning, thus, since 1910.
  • Maik (Monthly show & Blog) is blogging “from time immemorial” about the FCSP. When it was not yet officially called blogging, he did the same for “Die feuchten Biber” [The wet beavers] and after that for the ÜBERSTEIGER. Additionally, he fell for making podcasts and attempts to add some sort of structure to the talks of the monthly show, however, sometimes with more and sometimes with less success. Besides that, he is a referee in the club league of Schleswig-Holstein, but also watches his son playing football, additionally, he is collecting some further grounds as a groundhopper.
  • Michael (VdS/NdS Talks) Standing seasonal ticket holder for a seated ticket on the Gegengerade (Pen2) – he holds his seasonal ticket since 1989 and has watched more than 500 matches. Godfather of the VdS/NdS talks, who is also the organiser of the department. Behind the scenes, he is also the MillernTon’s social media manager, particularly for Instagram as he is the only one who is getting the idea of Instagram.
  • Sebastian (Monthly Show & IT-Dude) is part of the MillernTon from its very beginning and as time passed by, he won the lottery for the position behind the recording console (without stopping to participate in the talks) and for the back-end of the website. Professionally, he is doing something with advertisement and numbers, in the stadium, he stands in the Gegengerade, preferably as part of a swearing crowd.
  • Sven (Monthly Show) saw his first match at the North Stand in the Millerntor after the club got relegated in 1991. Ten years later, he quit his active footy career in exchange for a seasonal ticket on the Gegengerade and after Littman’s excavating exercises he moved to the South Stand. But due to the existing permanent vision obstacles there which are related to some heavy flag-waving, he eventually joined the Fanladen-Team and is greatly enjoying the opportunity to freely choose his stand ever since. However, most of the time he barely watches the matches what might be the better option anyway…
  • Tim (Monthly show & Blog) Somewhere in the huge spaces between Gunesch, Morena and Eger and after the 1910th flat corner, Tim lost his heart to tactics and statistics. While he was previously just swearing cholerically, he now searched for answers in analysing bad positioning play and likelihoods of bad ball receptions. He did this already at the Nice Guys Sankt Pauli and later at the ÜBERSTEIGER. But he is not just talking at the MillernTon, his voice is also somersaulting at the AFM-radio, whenever the FCSP is passing the midfield’s line in a controlled manner.
  • Yannick (VdS/NdS Talks) had to take the detour via the punk- and hardcore-scene to the FCSP. He was born in the Bergisches Land and used to live in Berlin where he received his training as an educator. That’s exactly where the FC St. Pauli found him. He is a club member (AFM) for 6 years now and did his first steps as a podcaster in 2014. Since May 2017, he lives in Hamburg and hardly missed a home match since then. Beside the professional’s squad, he also supports the women’s team of the FCSP and is a member of the Fanclub „Die üblichen Verdächtigen“ [“The usual suspects”], which is one of the two fan-clubs of the first women’s team of the FC St. Pauli.

If you like what we’re doing here, you can find more information about how and whether you should support us here.

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