All in all, last year was a successful one for FC St. Pauli. That also applies to the MillernTon. We have more or less been able to establish ourselves and now partly draw a small salary. For us to be able to continue and grow, we are dependent on your help.
(Cover picture: Stefan Groenveld)

And again here’s the part of our work that is always unpleasant for us. But for us to be able and allowed to do the nice part of this work at MillernTon, we depend on broad support.

MillernTon just had its birthday: The first episode of the monthly programme was published on 17 July 2013. Since then, a lot has happened: First, the VdS/NdS Talks were launched alongside the monthly show. In August 2018, we combined these two podcasts on and also started to fill the MillernTon blog. And in October 2019, we published the first “Lage am Millerntor” and have now been reporting daily on FC St. Pauli for more than two years.
Just to give you an idea, there have been over 1,700 publications on since August 2018. And since last August, there have been an average of two publications per day. In the meantime, we are on the road as accredited journalists in the stadiums, which feels really good.

So bit by bit, a hobby became a profession for us. We founded the MillernTon GbR and earn money with our work for the MillernTon. We are proud of how far we have come with our hobby. It’s great fun to accompany FC St. Pauli daily with our reporting. All this is still available for you to read and listen to without any kind of payment barrier. All content that appears on is freely available.
And of course, we would like to continue this work. Your help is needed for this. Financially, MillernTon is built on two pillars:

  • Advertisements on our website.
    We are very pleased that we now have several advertising partners. We are taking a different, more arduous approach to advertisements. This is because we want to determine who can place ads on our site and take care of the acquisition and administration ourselves. This ensures that we know exactly who is advertising with us and we find that we really have quite a great group of advertisers together.
    (You want to place ads? Contact redaktion (at)
  • Donations
    Another way to support us is through direct donations. We think it’s great that there are already so many people who support us financially. From standing orders to €19.10 a month (sometimes even more), everything is involved and really every single donation helps us.

Both pillars bring us a very small four-digit sum each month. What do we finance with it?
A large part of the income goes to Maik and Tim, who, according to a conservative estimate, together work more than 100 hours a week for the MillernTon and earn at least part of their living with this sum. In addition, Peter Böhmer and Stefan Groenveld are also paid monthly for providing us with photos. Furthermore, the income also pays for the ” infrastructure “ costs. This involves operating costs (technical infrastructure, website, tax advice, etc.), as well as the use of a small office. Both, the payment for the articles as well as the payment for the pictures, are of course not yet where they belong. We prefer not to calculate an hourly wage for this activity.

Of course, we would like to invest as much time as possible in the MillernTon. Currently, it can finance part of our living expenses. Now, something will change financially with Tim after the summer so that he will be a little more dependent on the income (and could also invest more time). So for us to maintain this high level and closely timed coverage around FC St. Pauli in the future, we need more support. Share our content on social media and thus ensure more reach for the MillernTon. And feel free to donate us a monthly amount of your choice, which you can and want to spare. In case of doubt, this is the equivalent of a beer per month for you, but for us, it means a lot in the sum of all donations.

To send us the amount of your choice, you have two options:
PayPal or a bank transfer.

For the bank transfer please use the following account:
IBAN: DE97 3002 0900 5320 7004 32 // BIC: CMCIDEDDXXX
(to copy: DE97300209005320700432) 
Account holder: MillernTon GbR

Alternatively, there is still the possibility to donate via PayPal, which is of course just as helpful for us. Disadvantage: No standing order is possible here.

If you support us, please let us know. Send us an informal email (maik (at) with your real name, if it is not obvious from the email address, so we can assign it to the payment. And poof, you’re on our top-exclusive newsletter, if you like! It comes out three to four times a year and now and then you can get a glimpse behind the scenes of our work and future projects.

We really appreciate every single person who supports us in this way. We are aware that this is an immense leap of faith on your part and we, therefore, know exactly whom we have to thank for the fact that we are able to turn our hobby into a profession. Without you, this would not be possible.

Thanks a million!
// Maik & Tim

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