The MillernTon is a hobby.
And of course, we’re offering all our “outputs” for free to you, and it only comes with some minor financial expenditure for us.  
All of the published VdS/NdS-Talks are done with the most passion imaginable, however, we do not reimburse our guests financially for their time spent to talk with us.
And it’s fairly similar with the monthly show, in which we are – thanks to Emma’s bakery and the Kehrwieder Craft Brewery – able to offer some nibbles and drinks to our guests, but of course, we do not pay them either.
And furthermore, the blog articles are also written and translated by us in our leisure time and are published freely with no paywall or similar things involved.
To cover the technical costs, we are supported by the AFM, for which we are also very thankful.
What we would like to say: You do not have to donate us any money at all and there are for sure charities on this planet which are due to the political times much more dependent on donations than we would ever be.

However, from time to time we are asked to offer the opportunity to donate us some money to thank us for the effort we put into this project. So from now on, you’ll be able to do just that.
This blog/podcast and all of its content will, of course, continue to be freely available, as long as we are keen and have the time to offer it. But if there’s some money incoming that allows us to improve our technical equipment or to put some money aside to facilitate the yearly live-show without being financially struggling, we will not be reluctant to accept it.
And maybe, there’s even the chance for a meet-up with our listeners or something similar in the future.

To donate us the amount of your choice, there are two options:
PayPal or a bank transfer
(As PayPal charges a little fee, we would prefer a bank transfer. However, we are fully aware that for some of you PayPal remains the much more convenient option.)

To initiate a bank transfer, please use the following account details:
IBAN: DE35 7002 2200 0076 5205 85 // BIC: FDDODEMMXXX 
Account holder: Maik Krükemeier

For PayPal please click here:

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Many thanks! // MillernTon Team

(Coverpicture: Stefan Groenveld)