{:de}Ich hasse Länderspielpausen?{:}{:en}I hate international breaks?{:}

{:de}Länderspielpausen sind Mist, keine Frage. Aber sorgen sie auch dafür, dass der FC St. Pauli danach schlechter spielt?{:}{:en}No question, yes, definitely: there is hardly anything more unnecessary in professional football than international match breaks. A not inconsiderable part of this dislike is always contributed when FC St. Pauli is in good form and they are held back by such a break. So, in my search for the culprits for the defeat in Hannover, I pinpointed the international break. It took away FCSP’s good form, once again, I would like to think! But is that really the case? It’s time for some confused statistics again.{:}

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