A point win that feels like less

A point win that feels like less

FC St. Pauli and SV Werder Bremen drew 1-1. It was a high-class match in which FC St. Pauli was on a par with the league leaders and unfortunately did not reward themselves, also due to a wrong decision. This is certainly a fair result based on the course of the game, but from a personal point of view, it is a little disappointing. Simply because three points would have been so important.
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You’re reading a more or less hackneyed report here, which I’m just going to throw out with all my emotions in my stomach. The tactical analysis, in which I will perhaps assess things a little differently, will follow tomorrow.

It was crackling before kick-off. The weather was fine in April, but the sun came out at Millerntor just in time for the warm-up. The stands were already crowded and loud. Not only the well-filled visitors’ block was in a good mood before kick-off, but also the Südkurve was finally back in action. And only now did everyone realise how much a full stadium and organised support from the South had been missing. Everything was set for a great football festival.
At the latest when the guest block smoked up the stadium before kick-off and then a wallpaper with “Being Best Podcast – Congratulations MillernTon” was held up on the Gegengerade, my heart was done for. Thank you, dear SupportBlock! How could this football Saturday have got any better?

Yes, how?! By an exhilarating FC St. Pauli, of course. What we saw in the first half, especially in the first 20 minutes, was simply fantastic. At no point did Werder Bremen find an orderly game, especially FCSP’s central midfield was gripping without end. What was missing for a long time was the last pass. But no one was distracted by this. The team simply carried on with their plan. We call it self-confidence! Or from Bremen’s point of view, a friendly one: Welcome to the hell of St. Pauli!

HAMBURG, GERMANY - APRIL 09: Daniel-Kofi Kyereh (R) of FC St. Pauli scores his sides first goal during the Second Bundesliga match between FC St. Pauli and SV Werder Bremen at Millerntor Stadium on April 09, 2022 in Hamburg, Germany.
Daniel-Kofi Kyereh made it 1:0, which was well deserved at that point.
(Cathrin Mueller/Getty Images)

Yes, Werder certainly had some great chances between the 20th and 35th minute. But FCSP dominated the game. A few minutes before half-time, referee Badstübner had a world-exclusive interpretation of a duel and did not decide on a penalty for FC St. Pauli (you could even see the contact on the Feldstrasse bunker). A short time later, however, the team rewarded itself for an outstanding first half. Paqarada fizzed the ball perfectly from the left into the five-yard box and Kofi finished – BOOM, 1:0! FC St. Pauli went into the half-time break at the top of the table.


Also for the second half, the guest block showed that a few pyrotechnic materials had accumulated over the last two years. That, too, made me look forward to the second half.
But that was quickly spoiled: Werder scored the 1:1 and, as in the first half with the foul on Burgstaller, it was again an enormously critical decision: On the left side, Agu wanted to pass Beifus, but put his hand on the ball, so that it changed direction and tunnelled into Beifus. That it was an illegal handball should be absolutely uncritical and not only from my point of view the goal should have been taken back (Twitter) – I always try hard to stay calm in the press box, but this situation was too much for me. First, the press tribune shouted together, then breathed a sigh of relief when Badstübner went into the review area, only to shout around again a few seconds later – What the actual Fuck?! 1:1.

The whole drive, the whole pressure on the opponent, the whole joy of playing was gone on the side of FC St. Pauli. Nothing went forward for the time being. But in this phase, the FCSP defence was enormously stable. Ziereis and Medić were able to defend the majority of the balls. That was a really strong performance against probably the best attacking duo in the division.

It was only in the final phase that an open game developed again because Braun-Weiß came up stronger again and could become dangerous a few times in the form of transition moments. But Guido Burgstaller still cannot score against Werder Bremen and for Igor Matanović it remains an unfortunate season.

Werder also had a few clear chances and so in the end we have to speak of a fair draw. At the moment, however, I find it difficult to see this point as a win. At the moment, I’m more disappointed about the missed chances. About an irregular goal conceded and about the fact that FCSP did not fully reward itself for a great game of football.

From FC St. Pauli’s point of view, the 1:1 has historic significance for the season. Werder Bremen is now the first (and hopefully only) team that FC St. Pauli cannot catch up with on their own. Since Schalke won the parallel match against Heidenheim, this means the third place in the table for the time being. Darmstadt can still pass them if they win the evening match (against Nuremberg). FC St. Pauli has now gone from being the hunted to the hunter and will certainly travel to Sandhausen with a lot of attacking spirit.


Keep moving forward!

//Tim (translation by Arne)

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9 thoughts on “A point win that feels like less

  1. Unerträglich (nicht nur in diesem Spiel und nicht nur bei uns) dass es trotz VAR zu solchen Entscheidungen kommt.
    Ein Schiedsrichter greift in die Meisterschaft ein…..traurig

  2. Es ist am Ende ein gerechtes Ergebnis, allerdings hätte dieses SO nie zustande kommen dürfen! Meine Güte, was zum Deibel veranstalten die da im Keller und was zum Teufel erlauben Badstüber? Guckt sich das Mega-arrogant 2 Sekunden an und entscheidet dann allen Ernstes auf Tor. Kannste Dir nicht ausdenken..War nicht im Stadion, dem SKY-Reporter war spätestens nach der zweiten Wiederholung klar, das kann einfach kein Tor sein, aaaber was macht der Schiri denn da?? Und, immer wieder Tim, Matanovic spreche ich nun aber endgültig die Zweitligal-Tauglichkeit ab. Tja, wat nu is die Frage? Schalke marschiert, die Lilien schätze ich auch, bleibt am Ende vielleicht noch die Relegation, zum Glück ja ohne drittes Spiel (remember schmerzhaft auf Schalke gegen Stuttgarter Kickers)

    1. Wird alles. Sandhausen möchte dienstältester Zweitligist werden und die drei Punkte werden einfacher zu holen sein, als weiche Butter zu schneiden, oder so… hoffentlich…

  3. Danke für die schnelle Analyse.
    Mir fällt es heute wirklich richtig schwer dies Ergebnis und die Entscheidung vorm 1:1 zu akzeptieren.
    Bin immer noch mega genervt

  4. Gute Leistung. Leider nicht belohnt.
    Einzelspieler, die sich wirklich mal hätten zeigen können, wieder nix hin bekommen.
    Letztendlich ist zu sagen, dass man Möglichkeiten, die du super erspielt wurden, auch zumindest zum Abschluss gebracht werden müssen.
    Ein Punkt ist gefühlt wirklich zu wenig.
    Denke aber, das klappt alles…….
    geile Truppe 💪

    1. Ja, das war defitniv ein Problem, dass es unzählige Aktionen gab, bei denen nur der letzte Pass fehlte. Besonders in der ersten Halbzeit gab es die gefühlt im Minutentakt

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