{:de}FC St. Pauli – Karlsruher SC – Wir ham Simon, was habt ihr?{:}{:en}FC St. Pauli – Karlsruher SC – We got Simon what do you have?{:}

{:de}Es war ein Fest, was der FC St. Pauli in der ersten Halbzeit gegen den Karlsruher SC ablieferte. Alles war wieder da und zusätzlich noch Simon Makienok…{:}{:en}It was a celebration what FC St. Pauli delivered in the first half against Karlsruher SC. Everything was there again: the frenetic offensive, the biting counter-pressing and the stable defence. Therefore, the 3:1 against KSC is highly deserved, even if the second 45 minutes could not keep up offensively.{:}

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